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As we ring in the New Year, it is common to look back over the previous year and think about the wonderful memories we have created with the ones we love. Often times, we make these memories during the most inconspicuous times. Perhaps an inside joke was conceived while sitting around playing board games, or a funny photograph taken while sipping cocktails at the bar.

For one of our most recent clients, it was this desire to create warm and loving memories for their family that led to an overhaul of their lower level rec room. They wished to construct a finished, comfortable space for their soon-to-be-teenage children to hang out with friends, as well as an escape that appealed to the adults.

The space was unfinished, raw concrete and studs, a blank canvas when Interior Design Consultant Philip Chouinard first laid eyes on it!  The ideas started flowing in as he walked through the space with the clients. They wanted to create dedicated spaces for entertaining, lounging and playing. They wanted something that was easy for guests to transverse from the connected outdoor pool area. They wanted a contemporary space that felt bright and homey despite being a basement.

The end result was beyond their expectations. To keep costs down, Philip was careful to lay out the new areas keeping in mind the locations of existing utilities and structural elements.

A wet bar and new full bathroom were added close to existing plumbing with easy access to the pool door for guests to use.

Philip selected a contemporary industrial pool table to meet the request of the homeowner for a play area while, still maintaining a modern design aesthetic.

Full-length curtains were installed over the small basement windows to give the illusion of a main floor room and to warm up the space with texture on the walls.

Funky hexagon mosaic tiles were selected for the fireplace/TV feature wall to reflect the fun, energetic spirit of the clients and their kids.

The end result was a relaxing, neutral, modern retreat that extended the client’s usable living space and created an environment that the homeowner will make many more memories with friends and family for years to come.